What is Fibroblast?

Fibroblast is a  noninvasive procedure helping to improve wrinkles, stretch marks, or complexion. A plasma pen is used for the procedure. It is an energy pen with a fine tip to focus on the main area. The pen goes near the surface of the skin but never touches the skin, it creates little dots on your skin and will form a scab. Naturally your body starts the healing process during that process collagen will be brought to the surface of your skin which is essential to help with the appearance of wrinkles or stretch marks. marks.  


What areas can you get Fibroblast on?

You can get fibroblast anywhere on your face, (upper eyelid, lower eyelid, crows feet, cheeks, etc.) stomach, back of arms, hands, inner thigh, or above the knee. 


How often can you get a treatment?

Someone with a lot of scar tissue and deep stretch marks, sun damage or advanced in age may need more than one treatment done. For best results they should be done 3 months apart.


After Care

Most importantly stay out of the sun. Picking or aggressively washing your face making the scabs fall off will affect the outcome of the fibroblast. Letting them naturally fall off is best. The scabs should fall off in five to seven days after procedure. Results take about 10 days to start to notice. Full results will be seen after 3 months.