Skin Care

Customized Facial

A facial skin treatment customized to your skin condition and needs. This is what Jen recommends for all clients coming in for the first time and for anyone who isn't sure what they need. 

Teen Facial

This lower priced facial focuses on teens struggling with acne.  Can be done as often as 1 times per week. 

Acne Facial

Because acne does not just affect teens, this treatment focuses on acne for the adult.  Because acne is different for each person, treatments are customized to get the best outcome for your skin.

Dermaplane Facial

Advanced exfoliation if a liquid exfoliant isn't quite doing the trick. It'll make your skin feel extra soft and rejuvenated. 


Gentle exfoliation treatment that also delivers nutrition and hydration to the cells using water and suction.


Start here if you're new to peels, if its the first one of the season, or you'd rather not have any visible peeling


Customized peel addressing your skin concerns. The peel removes the top layer of skin making your skin feel brighter and rejuvenated.

Back Exfoliation

Exfoliation for the back. Recommended for those struggling with acne or congestion on the back. Monthly treatments recommended to get the skin into better health and then quarterly to maintain skin health. 

Virtual Consultation 

Discuss your skin goals with Jen and she can help you make short term and long term plans to obtain your ultimate skin dreams.  She will go over at home skincare and in-clinic treatments.  For virtual coaching for those who do not live in Helena visit

Stem Cell Microneedling

Treatment corrects texture of the skin. This treatment includes stem cells plus Hyaluronic acid to create youthful fullness, as well as infuse skin with antioxidants and vitamins.

Acne Scar Treatment

Do you scars from past acne lesions haunt you?  Ask Jen if she can help!