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Airbrush Spray Tanning


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Service Discription

Upon arriving at your appointment, a color consultation and skin analysis is performed.

This allows us to select the best solution from our lineup to achieve your desired results.

Each client has their own needs so each spray tan is customized to what the client

desires. We use only the highest-quality and longest-lasting sunless tanning solutions

available worldwide.

Getting ready for your Spray Tan


-Preparation for your spray tan is important to get the best possible tan.

-If you have had a sun burn recently, the spray tan will look very spotty and uneven. We recommend you wait 30 days for your skin to heal before you book a spray tan.

-Shaving the day of your appointment causes the hair follicles to open up, leading the tanning solution to get into the open follicles and cause the tan to look speckled. Shaving the day before or after your tan has fully developed is best.

-Be sure to exfoliate prior to your spray tan.  If you are prone to dry skin, use a moisturizer 2 hours prior to coming in for your appointment.  Skipping these steps can leave your skin looking scaly or cause the tan to fade at a faster rate. 

-Avoid using any fragrances or oils the day of your tan.  These can act like a barrier and change the pH of your skin causing speckling or an uneven tan.

-Bring dark or loose clothing to change into after.

During your appointment

- We ask you to take off makeup and deodorant prior to spray tan. Sometimes deodorant can turn green. Also we ask you to take off rings, necklaces, or bracelets they will cause a line where the jewelry was.


-We will discuss clothing during spray tan.

- Then we will decide what color spray tan you would like. Your spray tan artist can help you decide what's best for your skin tone. (Light, Medium, Dark, Rapid Dark, or Extra Dark)

- You will be asked to go into different positions to get the best out come. That may include holding arms out for an extended period of time.

- Once we are done spraying your body we will ask how you'd like to dry. Air dry or Powder dry. Powder makes you feel less sticky, it's a tiny up charge, the powder is a mix of flours. Please reach out if you're concerned about any allergies.

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After care


- It's very important to follow the after care for your tan, not doing so can lead of a unhappy outcome 

- The next 6-8 hours your tan will be developing during that time your tan will darken, also during that time try not to get wet. No swimming, showering, sweating, or doing the dishes. If you happen to get wet we'd like you to pat the area dry, don't rub off. Patting will cause the area to blend rubbing will cause the tan to come off.

- When you shower after 6-8 hours your going to see some brown coming off. Don't worry it's just bronzer not your actual tan. In the shower don't use a scrub or a luffa it will rub the tan off. Also no peeing in the shower it will cause streaks down your legs. We suggest a low pH soap it will make your tan last longer. We sell low pH at Apricity. 

- Once you get out of the shower again pat dry don't rub because your skin is still so fragile. Use a good moisturizing lotion.

- If your decide to sleep in your tan make sure to wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt. What can happen is, if you end up resting your palms on yourself in your sleep the tan can absorb into your palms and you'll have a hand print in your tan.

- If the tanning solution gets on your clothes or sheets you can put it in the washer and it'll come right out.

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